Elite Hair Fibers

Our Mission

Our entire mission is to give you the hair that matches the confidence you deserve to show on the outside. If you don’t feel more confident while using our product we will happily refund you as we want to be a part of making your life better in any small way we can!

Match Your Hair Color

Elite Hair Fibers come in 8 shades with 1 more on the way! The 8 most common colors can be used to match any hair color – simply mix and match for any color hair, even highlights can be matched. The fibers are also “colorfast,” which means they won’t run or rub off on clothes or pillows. Elite Hair Fibers can be used to cover both color-treated root re-growth & grey roots which is helpful between hair treatments!


There are so many brands out there so its hard to know what the best is; we won’t says ours is the best as everyone thinks that of their product, but we really hope you think so after trying it out!

What we will tell you is the information you need to choose the best hair fibers for you. Let’s start out with a few educational points: the majority of hair fibers are cheap knock-offs of Toppik and made of cheaply-sourced keratin. They sell for a range of prices and honestly have no ingenuity to them. Then there are cotton fiber based hair fibers. These tend to look more natural than keratin-based products but they are less wind and water resistant. So, although they tend to look better, they don’t last as long in your hair… Elite Hair Fibers use 2 types of cotton and keratin to ensure the best water and wind resistance while making the most natural look on your head.

No product in the world will create a miracle, but we guarantee you will think you discovered one when you apply Elite Hair Fibers in your hair.  If you don’t like our hair fibers after using it a few times, you have 45 day to return them. All we ask is that you send us pictures of your hair before and after use and let us know the issues you had so we can try to fix them. Whether that’s to help you apply the product properly or to continue to improve the product. In the end our goal is to make you you’re your most confident on a daily basis!

Wind, Sweat, & Rain Proof

Most people feel like the idea of using a product to make your thinning hair appear fuller is not ideal…

You most likely have tried a few different products to try to stop hair loss: shampoo, minoxidil, etc. The main things you probably are concerned about is how fast it works, how natural it looks, side effects & how easy it is to use.

The great news about Elite Hair Fibers are they have no side effects, are really affordable, look natural, and work instantly! Besides that, they also are highly wind, rain, and sweat resistant. If you don’t believe us, check out our YouTube and Instagram videos. We don’t just test them on ourselves, we give product to bodybuilders and other people to test them in high intensity work outs to ensure the product are working the best they can. If you want them to be even more resistant, we recommend using Elite Hair Fibers Setting Spray. It’ll set the fibers while keeping your hair from getting hard, like hair spray.  That being said, hair sprays hold the fibers in place also, so don’t feel like you have to change your routine much more than just adding hair fibers to it! Our hair fibers cost anywhere from 20 cents – $1 per day to use, depending on your hair loss. Meaning a 27g bottle will last you 1-3 months depending on usage!

We spent many months formulating our Hair Density Fibers. To ensure it’s quick and easy to use and that it blends with existing hairs so no one will know you’re wearing them unless you tell them! With our 45-day money back guarantee, there’s zero risk in trying it out.


ELITE HAIR FIBERS provide instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair – between 2-10 times thicker – and are made from the highest grade, all-natural Cotton & Keratin! Elite Hair Fibers have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect binding our fibers to even the finest/thinnest strands of human hair. If you are struggling with fine or thinning hair, have Alopecia, undergoing chemotherapy, or in ugly duckling stage of a hair transplant this product could give you instant coverage and confidence to go about your day!